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Volunteers are an integral part of the Gilda's Club community and are involved in every aspect of the club from workshops and lectures to office work, and from outreach projects to clean up projects. Volunteers donate their time and energy and in return receive the special gift of being a part of the Gilda's Club community.  What role can you fill?

  • Clubhouse Volunteer- Clubhouse Volunteers have a wide variety of activities and tasks that they can participate in including, but not limited to: putting together special mails, taking care of our plants, setting up for our lectures, writing thank you notes, teaching classes, helping with cleaning projects around the clubhouse, baking goodies for our special events (in-house), cooking for our special events (in-house) as well as staffing and planning special events (in-house).
  • Front Desk Volunteer- Front Desk Volunteers are the face and voice of Gilda's Club to everyone that walks through our red door or calls on the phone. You'll help people sign up for activities, give them tours, help them find community resources, and get to know many of our wonderful members and other volunteers. You must have a friendly personality and sensitivity in responding to people who are experiencing the emotional impact of cancer. If you're able to work a regular schedule it's preferred, but not at all required.
  • Noogieland Volunteer- Noogieland is the name of the children and family program and the playroom for the children and teens who come to Gilda's Club Kansas City. Supervised play for children 3 and up is available while parents or family members are attending member activities. Whether facing cancer first hand, or as a family member, Noogieland ensures that everyone in the family has the opportunity to seek the emotional and social support of others facing a similar situation. We invite kids to have fun! Noogieland Volunteers assist with summer camps, supervised play in Noogieland, cooking classes, outreach, and special events like a Halloween party. In order to become a Noogieland Volunteer, volunteers need to attend a Noogieland training.
  • Outreach Volunteer- Outreach volunteers help us get the word out about Gilda's Club so that people know that we're here. Volunteers help with outreach at community and health events and by distributing flyers in their neighborhoods, making phone calls to organizations, and helping with projects in our office.
  • Teaching Classes- All of our classes are taught by volunteers - if there is something that you feel you are an expert in, you don't need a degree and you would like to teach others, then this is the volunteer opportunity for you. Class schedules are a compromise of your availability as well as ours; they can be weekly, monthly, or a one time class.

Interested? Please click here to learn about the process of getting involved as a volunteer!